Month: March 2020


The following is a special bulletin sent by the President of NTCSA (North Texas Coed Soccer Association


THIS IS A MUST READ – SENDING TO ALL CAPTAINS AND CO-CAPTAINSso please make sure your teammates are aware of the following:
We have stressed VERY HIGHLY about alcohol and pets at the fields. I receivedan email from the Complex Manager about this very issue. Effective IMMEDIATELY
there are to be NO alcohol and NO pets for any reason at ANY field. Some peoplesay they are their “service” dog or “therapy” dog and they have paperwork to prove that.From the city and the soccer complexes, they are a NO DOGS ALLOWED FACILITY andit’s for their liability and well as the dog-owner’s liability.
The first offense of ANY person to violate these rules, will be suspended and/or fineduntil further notice. The second offense of violation to these rules, the team will forfeitsaid game and the team will be suspended pending a hearing.
Thank you for understanding
Paula McFarlin

Wave Shortage Higher Than Expected

The Wave was expecting to field a short lineup against last season’s champions Killer Ducks Wiser, but instead of starting 1 female player short they actually started 2 females short and 2 men short. The planned starting formation of 4-3-2 was hastily changed to 4-2-0, 7 v 11. The game almost did not happen at all as The Wave stood 2 short of the required 7 players at the 7pm start time. A good while later Carmen Smith and May MacGregor showed up just in time to avoid the forfeit. That prevented the first forfeit in the 29 year history of The Wave. (not counting the forfeit that decided the 0-0 draw at the end of the Championship game back in 2,00?something?, but that is another story)

The Wave frustrated The Ducks early in the game, but that did not last very long as The Ducks started to send in their subs and The Wave started to wear down. Despite increasing The Wave’s lineup to 9 players with the late additions of David Davila and Tico, , they were still no match for the Killer Ducks 11, or should I say their 18 including their subs.

The Wave did have a few good chances as they sent Bill Patton, May MacGregor and Christi Kurtz up to join Roberto “Tico” Montalvo and David Davila into the attack.

In the end The Ducks were trying hard not to run up the score, again. Killer Ducks Wiser 9 – The Wave 0