The Wave Game 5

The Wave played a great game. Despite playing down 1.5 players (the .5 denotes May’s inability to run due to injury. the number was actually 2.5 in the 1st half and up to 3.5 players for a few minutes in the 1st half), we held the 1st place and highest scoring offense to 1 woman’s goal in the first half and 1 woman’s goals in the 2nd half. United O40’s bench outnumbered the players fielded by The Wave. Miklos replaced Rodney in the goal when Rodney sustained an upper body injury that took some time to recover enough just to walk off the field. The Wave finished the 1st half playing 3.5 players down.

Fortunately Tico arrived to play the 2nd half. Unfortunately Miklos remained at keeper due a muscle strain that kept him from returning to the field.

The Wave played the 2nd half down only 1.5 players down with the addition of Tico and return of Rodney. Rodney, Rachel, May and Miklos were all playing with injuries which makes this result of least goals scored against us this season all the more special. Great job everybody!