The Wave vs Goal Diggers

I hate losing, but I have to tell you. “Hold your heads high”. Goal Diggers are averaging 5 goals per game this season. We maintained that average and did it with only 12 of our 20 players. 2 of our women defenders were taken out during the game. We again played short for much of…

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Just Did It vs The Wave

Despite starting in a 4-2-1 formation we managed to hold on with poor Katie having to provide the offence all by herself. They attacked us with 9 players, holding one back to cover Katie. A few minutes later Bill Knights came to the rescue in his shining armor. That gave us 5 men and 3…

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We do not know much about ABCDE FC other than they have been playing O30b for at least couple years. That sustained effort in O30b could mean they will be one of the stronger teams in O30c. Last week they defeated Mavericks 1-0 which is very interesting since Mavericks lost 8 – 1 vs Just Did It the previous week. One thing is sure. We do need a team to play Friday against ABCDE FC.