Alcohol at the Fields

It has been brought to our attention over the last couple of weeks that teamscontinue to bring and consume alcohol at the soccer fields. After the NTCSAExecutive Board held a meeting over the weekend, the following rules havebeen set in place:
1.  This email will serve as the FIRST warning; there is to be NO alcohol ofany kind in, on or around the soccer fields. Do not bring alcohol in yourcoolers whether they are small, medium or large. Do not pour any alcoholin another container to conceal the identity of the alcohol and do not usewraps around an alcohol container to consume the beverage.
2.  The SECOND warning will be the forfeit of your next game following the game
you were just playing in. You will also have a deduction of points in the standingsand the opposing team will be awarded a forfeit win.
3.  The THIRD and final warning, you and your team will be terminated from theleague. 
It is unfortunate that we are having to issue this warning but we are now in jeopardy of possibly losing fields as this has been brought to our attention by the Complex Security.  This is also a City Ordinance we must abide by.
If you have any questions about this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Thank you for your cooperation

Paula McFarlin

Masks Mandatory on the Sideline – REVISED Playing Guidelines, a Letter from the League President

After watching the games at Toyota this past Friday there are a few thingsthat I need to point out.  Please pass this on to your team mates.
CAPTAINS:  the attached guidelines have been revised to address the maskrequirements that I personally talked to the team captains about (sorry I didmiss a few of the 9:00pm games).   These are NOT just Coed’s guidelines,they are from USASA and NTSSA.
Another incident that happened, a spectator tried to bring a dog into the complexand when I told her she couldn’t she proceeded to tell me that it was an “EmotionalSupport Animal”, she had paperwork saying so and that I could not deny her inbringing the dog.  I proceeded to call the main contact at Toyota Stadium and afterour conversation, he said there is a difference between “SERVICE ANIMALS andEMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS and I should ask her what service the dog doesfor her (as in, detecting seizures, low blood sugar, etc). Her response was, ” I don’thave to tell you that”. As she was leaving she picked up the dog and said, ” (dogs name) let’s go, we are not wanted here”.
So with that said, the additional attached document is en excerpt from the Texas Government Statues about service animals, Sec.437.023 (C)
Most complexes say NO ANIMALS so PLEASE  do not bring any animals to the fields.This can not be stressed enough, we could loose fields due to this.
If you have any questions or concern about this please let me know.Thank you

Paula McFarlin

NOTE: The separate documents named above have been posted on this page.

NTCSA Fall 2020 COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Updated 8/23/2020

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, sore throat, headache, chills, shortness of breath, etc.) or if you have been in close contact with a person who is COVID-19 confirmed, do not come to the complex.
  • Upon arrival for your scheduled game, please remain in your vehicle until your field is vacant and social distancing can be practiced.
  • Only one team is to occupy each sideline. Home teams shall occupy the north/west sideline and the visiting team shall occupy the south/east sideline.
  • If there are player or spectator benches present, we suggest disinfecting any bench before use. Your team will be responsible for disinfecting any bench area that you choose to use.
  • Please respect the CDC social distancing guidelines on the sidelines. All spectators and players on the sideline should maintain 6 feet of separation.
  • We encourage players to not bring spectators to the games. We do realize there will be times when that cannot be avoided, but please keep it to a minimum. We ask that there not be more than one spectator per player on the sideline.
  • Player cards will need to be shown to the referee, but will not be kept by the referee. The referee will report all red cards to the league and any sit-out policies and fines will still apply.
  • No coin tosses. The home team on the schedule will choose to take the kick-off or which goal to attack in the first half.
  • No handshakes, hugs or high fives before, during or after the game. No group celebrations.
  • Masks are optional for players and officials while on the playing field. However, it is  mandatory that spectators and players on the sidelines wear masks.
  • We suggest using hand sanitizer throughout the game, especially if you have participated in a throw in. The league will do its best to provide hand sanitizers at the fields, but we recommend you also bring your own.
  • If available, disinfecting wipes should be used to clean the ball during stoppages in play.
  • After the game, please have your team and spectators leave the sideline immediately to allow for the next scheduled game participants to occupy the area.
  • After playing, avoid being in close contact with any person over the age of 65 or anyone that may have a pre-existing health condition that puts them at risk for 14 days.
  • Wash all of your clothing as soon as possible after playing.
  • Notify the NTCSA office immediately if you or a teammate tests positive for COVID-19 throughout the season.
  • NTCSA will allow additional players to be added to the roster if you have players that become ill due to COVID-19.
  • Contact the NTCSA President at or League Commissioner at with any questions or concerns.

Service Animal Information

Excerpt from the Texas Government Statues about service animals, Sec.437.023 (C)

Sec. 437.023.  SERVICE ANIMALS.  (a) A food service establishment, retail food store, or other entity regulated under this chapter may not deny a service animal admittance into an area of the establishment or store or of the physical space occupied by the entity that is open to customers and is not used to prepare food if:

(1)  the service animal is accompanied and controlled by a person with a disability; or

(2)  the service animal is in training and is accompanied and controlled by an approved trainer.

(b)  If a service animal is accompanied by a person whose disability is not readily apparent, for purposes of admittance to a food service establishment, retail food store, or physical space occupied by another entity regulated under this chapter, a staff member of the establishment, store, or entity may only inquire about:

(1)  whether the service animal is required because the person has a disability; and

(2)  what type of work the service animal is trained to perform.

(c)  In this section, “service animal” means a canine that is specially trained or equipped to help a person with a disability.  An animal that provides only comfort or emotional support to a person is not a service animal under this section.  The tasks that a service animal may perform in order to help a person with a disability must be directly related to the person’s disability and may include:

(1)  guiding a person who has a visual impairment;

(2)  alerting a person who has a hearing impairment or who is deaf;

(3)  pulling a wheelchair;

(4)  alerting and protecting a person who has a seizure disorder;

(5)  reminding a person who has a mental illness to take prescribed medication; and

(6)  calming a person who has post-traumatic stress disorder.

COED League Cancels Spring 2020

Coed League President Paula McFarlin has officially announced the cancellation of the remaining spring season.

McFarlin also said, “I know you may be concerned about your registration fee and/or a refund.This is how we will proceed with those questions and concerns.

“IF” you played in the Spring 2020 and you register in the Fall 2020 the registration fee will only be $30.00. If you do NOT return at all you’ll have to wait until late in the fall season for a refund and it’ll only be the difference of the two registrations fees. (Fall should start Aug 28th)


The following is a special bulletin sent by the President of NTCSA (North Texas Coed Soccer Association


THIS IS A MUST READ – SENDING TO ALL CAPTAINS AND CO-CAPTAINSso please make sure your teammates are aware of the following:
We have stressed VERY HIGHLY about alcohol and pets at the fields. I receivedan email from the Complex Manager about this very issue. Effective IMMEDIATELY
there are to be NO alcohol and NO pets for any reason at ANY field. Some peoplesay they are their “service” dog or “therapy” dog and they have paperwork to prove that.From the city and the soccer complexes, they are a NO DOGS ALLOWED FACILITY andit’s for their liability and well as the dog-owner’s liability.
The first offense of ANY person to violate these rules, will be suspended and/or fineduntil further notice. The second offense of violation to these rules, the team will forfeitsaid game and the team will be suspended pending a hearing.
Thank you for understanding
Paula McFarlin

Wave Shortage Higher Than Expected

The Wave was expecting to field a short lineup against last season’s champions Killer Ducks Wiser, but instead of starting 1 female player short they actually started 2 females short and 2 men short. The planned starting formation of 4-3-2 was hastily changed to 4-2-0, 7 v 11. The game almost did not happen at all as The Wave stood 2 short of the required 7 players at the 7pm start time. A good while later Carmen Smith and May MacGregor showed up just in time to avoid the forfeit. That prevented the first forfeit in the 29 year history of The Wave. (not counting the forfeit that decided the 0-0 draw at the end of the Championship game back in 2,00?something?, but that is another story)

The Wave frustrated The Ducks early in the game, but that did not last very long as The Ducks started to send in their subs and The Wave started to wear down. Despite increasing The Wave’s lineup to 9 players with the late additions of David Davila and Tico, , they were still no match for the Killer Ducks 11, or should I say their 18 including their subs.

The Wave did have a few good chances as they sent Bill Patton, May MacGregor and Christi Kurtz up to join Roberto “Tico” Montalvo and David Davila into the attack.

In the end The Ducks were trying hard not to run up the score, again. Killer Ducks Wiser 9 – The Wave 0

It Has Been 2 Years Since The Wave Scored 5 Goals In a Game

The Wave offense came alive on Friday (11/1/2019) scoring 5 goals.  The last time that happened was 4 seasons ago (11/2017) against a much weaker opponent.  Rotolo scored first but Rachel Chaput opened up The Wave’s account with a shot over the outstretched hands of Rotolo’s keeper for a 2 pointer.  Brian Chaput assisted.

The Wave led 2-1 at halftime.

Tom scored on a fast break on a pass from Rachel.  Brian scored on 2 fast breaks assisted by Rachel and <?not sure?>.

Unfortunately The Wave ended up losing the game 8-5.

The Wave might have had a chance to win if somebody had stopped Rodney from playing.  He played terrible near the end of the game but played much worse during the rest of the game.

The Wave Drop Opener Due to Formation Blunder

Terrible mixup in the lineup and formation was the main reason for the lopsided 8-2 loss to United O40.  It started with a miscommunication which led to The Wave playing with only 10 players in the opening minutes.  A player was added but that was not he end of the trouble.  Somehow The Wave had 4 forwards which left only 2 in the midfield.  Not only that the 2 were shifted left which meant there was no right midfielder for almost 20 minutes.  The Wave gave up 5 goals in 10 minutes playing in an untenable 4-2-4 formation with no midfielder on the right side.

Coach Rodney Yoshida thought he could give everyone their assignments before the start of the game, but that did not work as well as expected.  Every restart (water breaks and half time) occurred with The Wave fielding only 10 players.  Clearly the coaching needs some improvement.



New ID Cards for this Season

This Letter from the league confirms that we will be making new ID cards this season.


We were able to get the card software ready, and will be making new ID cards for the entire league. I will list the dates below, so please have all of your players come to our office with a current Drivers License or government issued ID. We will need all of your old player cards turned in. If your players do not get the new ID cards made, they will not be able to play.

Tues 8/13 6:30-8:30pm
Thurs 8/15 5-8pm
Fri 8/16 6-8pm
Sat 8/17 1-3pm
Sun 8/18 9am-12pm
Wed 8/21 7-9pm
Please try to let us know when you or your players are planning to come get their cards, so we can let you in the doors. My cell # is 972-345-5961 or Paula 214-236-4523.

8330 LBJ Freeway
Suite B642
Dallas, Tx 75243
(SE side of 635 and 75)