Masks Mandatory on the Sideline – REVISED Playing Guidelines, a Letter from the League President

After watching the games at Toyota this past Friday there are a few thingsthat I need to point out.  Please pass this on to your team mates.
CAPTAINS:  the attached guidelines have been revised to address the maskrequirements that I personally talked to the team captains about (sorry I didmiss a few of the 9:00pm games).   These are NOT just Coed’s guidelines,they are from USASA and NTSSA.
Another incident that happened, a spectator tried to bring a dog into the complexand when I told her she couldn’t she proceeded to tell me that it was an “EmotionalSupport Animal”, she had paperwork saying so and that I could not deny her inbringing the dog.  I proceeded to call the main contact at Toyota Stadium and afterour conversation, he said there is a difference between “SERVICE ANIMALS andEMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS and I should ask her what service the dog doesfor her (as in, detecting seizures, low blood sugar, etc). Her response was, ” I don’thave to tell you that”. As she was leaving she picked up the dog and said, ” (dogs name) let’s go, we are not wanted here”.
So with that said, the additional attached document is en excerpt from the Texas Government Statues about service animals, Sec.437.023 (C)
Most complexes say NO ANIMALS so PLEASE  do not bring any animals to the fields.This can not be stressed enough, we could loose fields due to this.
If you have any questions or concern about this please let me know.Thank you

Paula McFarlin

NOTE: The separate documents named above have been posted on this page.

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