The Wave Win 2 in a Row!

Darryl Gamboa 18 Mar, 2021

Despite being taken off-guard by the strength of their opponent after surprising everyone the week before – most of all themselves – by having managed to overcome the champions and also being slowed by injuries, The Wave may be on their way to developing a reputation as the one goal assassins, after persevering against the relentless offense of Unreal Madrid. The Wave Women played IronWoman Football – playing the entire game without substitutions – with a few also playing through injury. The men were only moderately better situated, having a small bench of the ‘little better than a jog’ wounded.

The back line of May, Doug and Lindsay, together with Jim, the keeper, sustained constant pressure until one of The Wave’s counter-attacks struck paydirt. Midway through the second half, May broke up an attack and the ball found its way to David near midfield who then made an lengthy run down the right that was simply exhausting merely to watch and centered the ball to Jose S in the box who neatly finished it for what proved to be the game winner.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the key contributors to The Wave defense.
Doug’s shorts.

Courtesy Amy Schasel

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