The following is a special bulletin sent by the President of NTCSA (North Texas Coed Soccer Association


THIS IS A MUST READ – SENDING TO ALL CAPTAINS AND CO-CAPTAINSso please make sure your teammates are aware of the following:
We have stressed VERY HIGHLY about alcohol and pets at the fields. I receivedan email from the Complex Manager about this very issue. Effective IMMEDIATELY
there are to be NO alcohol and NO pets for any reason at ANY field. Some peoplesay they are their “service” dog or “therapy” dog and they have paperwork to prove that.From the city and the soccer complexes, they are a NO DOGS ALLOWED FACILITY andit’s for their liability and well as the dog-owner’s liability.
The first offense of ANY person to violate these rules, will be suspended and/or fineduntil further notice. The second offense of violation to these rules, the team will forfeitsaid game and the team will be suspended pending a hearing.
Thank you for understanding
Paula McFarlin

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