Killer Ducks Wiser vs The Wave



Lisa Free scored a beautiful shot from outside the box that went over the outstreched arms of the defending keeper and dipped into the back of the net for 2. Later in the first half Nick Blanchard received a pass into the attacking 3rd and advanced deep in the box and finessed a goal scoring shot over the diving keeper. Guillermo Torres provided the 4th goal in the 2nd half. Guillermo soared over the packed goal front and powered a header to beat the keeper.

Everybody did great but I really have to mention the incredible save by our keeper Jim Kane that thwarted a point blank women’s goal. Jim’s body was not even in the picture when the shot was taken. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. As the ball headed into the empty corner of the net Jim’s body was flying horizontally across the mouth and looked to be unaffected by gravity as he kept flying until the ball was deflected away. Super human… I think.


Date Time League Season
March 4, 2022 9:00 pm Division O40 2022 Spring

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