The Wave Drop Opener Due to Formation Blunder

Terrible mixup in the lineup and formation was the main reason for the lopsided 8-2 loss to United O40.  It started with a miscommunication which led to The Wave playing with only 10 players in the opening minutes.  A player was added but that was not he end of the trouble.  Somehow The Wave had 4 forwards which left only 2 in the midfield.  Not only that the 2 were shifted left which meant there was no right midfielder for almost 20 minutes.  The Wave gave up 5 goals in 10 minutes playing in an untenable 4-2-4 formation with no midfielder on the right side.

Coach Rodney Yoshida thought he could give everyone their assignments before the start of the game, but that did not work as well as expected.  Every restart (water breaks and half time) occurred with The Wave fielding only 10 players.  Clearly the coaching needs some improvement.



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